Stock Accounting

Window and door manufacturing software Labrador 3D is a comprehensive one. Module "Stock" is a default section of any window program version.

This module is used for managing stock bookkeeping, starting from order of materials, necessary to produce window constructions, bookkeeping of their receiving and automatic writing from the storehouse.

Stock accounting allows:

  • creating any quantity of store houses and bend them to definite Organizations;
  • inputting initial remnants of every store house;
  • creating documents “Goods received note” manually and automatically (by means of invoice, received from the supplier) and record goods at the concrete store house as received from this document;
  • controlling the correspondence of nomenclature and price for goods, received from the supplier, and the order, created in the Program with the help of Goods received Note;
  • controlling remnants of goods and materials of every single store house and all the store houses in general, as well as to create reports of remnants on a concrete date;
  • correcting availability of materials in a store house and create corresponding documents;
  • creating the full list of materials, necessary to execute the concrete order with the help of the document “Requisition slip”;
  • reserving automatically materials for a concrete order in the corresponding store house when the order а is put into production;
  • writing off materials automatically from the corresponding store house when the order is completed;
  • transferring incoming and outgoing documents in the bookkeeping programs.

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