Paperless production

Window and door software Labrador 3D is an integrated one. Module “Paperless production” is the default section of any program version.

The module is meant for changing production office of a company over the paperless document circulation, which provides supplying the working places with monitors, barcode scanners. The technology of paperless document circulation allows:

  • Minimizing the volume of paper documentation, necessary for manufacturing;
  • Essentially upgrading quality of window production due to reducing the human factor impact and possibility of charging the staff personal responsibility for carrying out certain operations;
  • Enhancing productivity due to piecework wages;
  • Getting any product information, particularly window draw in workshop posts, by simple;
  • Using CNC machines to produce windows, particularly filing tasks for these machines;
  • Optimizing profile, glazing bead, and reinforcement saw cut;
  • Glazing bead straight-line flow sawing;
  • On-line information concerning the product stage in the workshop;
  • Accounting operations, performed by each worker;
  • Running payroll operations depending on volume of work given;
  • Accounting labor capacity, as well as the non-productive time of every worker;
  • Controlling all order travel stages;
  • Controlling work quality of staff by means of information concerning performers of every single operation.

Required equipment
The following equipment is required to implement paperless production in small and large-scale enterprises:

  1. Labelprinter. You can use the label printer, included in the delivery set of automatic machinery;
  2. Barcode scanner for every workshop post;
  3. Computers and monitors for every workshop post.

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