Software “Labrador 3D” for managers

  • The manager will need no more than 3 working days to learn jur window and door software;
  • Simple and clear interface of the window builder make the work easy for the manager, especially in the beginning ofsoftware learning;
  • Opportunity to draw schemes, meeting the demands of customers, to view products in the 3D format; this all creates positive spirits of customers to form the order;
  • The window builder has got built-in limits, sowindow and door softwarewill not allow building the product, which cannot be produced in reality.
  • All the window calculations are performed very quickly in the program, what makes it possible to calculate prices for customer requests via telephone.
  • Thewindow and door softwaresaves all the information, entered by managers, as the preliminary order in accordance with the date, manager; what allows searching any order in the database quickly, editing the order, shifting orders to other stuff without any oral explanations.
  • The program for windows allows controlling the order and its travel stages.
  • The program for windows allows monitoring order readiness, its processing, shipment and delivery.
  • The program for windows creates orders, saved in the global common database, including all the necessary information, necessary to produce, deliver, and install the products.
  • Window and door software implies full financial accounting with customers and entering and editing information concerning payments.
  • Thewindow and door softwareperforms accounting with dealers and private customers.
  • The invoice is issued in accordance with the order positions, or the invoice can be divided to be paid in parts.
  • The program for windows has a forum for users to exchange information with remote sites.
  • Managers can create reports on reclamations, where all the data is entered, to solve all the claim questions quickly.

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