Software Labrador 3D is a completely new product in the market of translucent constructions. It is distinguished from other business rivals by a set of significant technological advantages, which make it possible to simplify the working process of the company, improve the production process, and enterprise control. There are only few advantages of Labrador 3D software:


3D Labrador software is an integrated device for window production activity. Labrador 3D coordinates work of the whole company within the same program, and is the basis of enterprise functioning. The program automates work of all company departments – managers, bookkeeping, production, supply department, assembly department, logistics, etc. get the necessary information depending on their access level.

Automation of working process allows greatly reducing the number of errors, caused by the human factor; for example: except for the order and contract formation, fulfilled by managers, all the other order travel stages: task for production, glazing unit and drive gear orders, production process, order and writing off of materials, shipment and installation are controlled by the software; moreover, the task for managers is to operate the actions, suggested by the program, in proper time. Order shift within the workshop will be accomplished in case of paperless document circulation.

Free implementation.

Company Labrador Ltd. suggests that the customers should use the free service “Implementation before purchase” to expedite the new software implementation. As soon as the customer fills out the form with key program settings, the data will be entered in the program, thus the user gets print forms, additional nomenclature, logistics system, etc. adopted for his own company. Any way, this does not mean that the client will not need to investigate the program the software includes parts, which must be fulfilled by the client himself, for example to enter prices.

Free profile and drive gear systems.

If necessary, profile and drive gear systems can be given the customers together with the program. Nowadays, Labrador Ltd. is ready to supply clients with all European profile and drive gear systems.

Low cost.

Depending on the material type, used to produce construction and the production size, Labrador Ltd. suggests different software versions. Functional features of all these versions are almost identical, the only distinctive feature being the material (PVC, aluminum, wood).

Best builder.

3D-builder of products and constructions, based on Visual Studio 2008, allows building products of any configuration, creating constructions, drawing of profile widths, proportionally with their real dimensions. 3D features are the same for all the software versions, except for the Scandinavian windows in wood program versions, allowing installing adapters and except for the aluminum version, where the builder also allows building facades.

Absence of modularity.

Any program version, even the cheapest one, has got all the functional features, that is customer relations control, saw cut optimization, warehouse accounting, paperless document circulation, automated system of work with suppliers, etc. Any firm, starting from the smallest up to the largest window producing ones, needs all the program features since the first day of its use.

Upload in any complexity machines

Moreover, many other software features are implemented in the program; it will take several pages to enlist them. If a client, who has bought the software, appeals to Labrador Soft to improve extra-features, useful for all window companies, the specialists will develop them free of charge.

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