There are some methods of getting information:

  • You can try to write your question in Forum
  • Registered users can ask questions in special section Support -> Ask a question
  • Also registered users can use page Support -> Updates
  • If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask as, using e-mail:

Program implementation and customer support:

  • Program beforesale setting for the particular customer free of charge
  • Chargeless  profile and drive gear bases depending on the companies needs
  • Free customer support during three months after the software has been purchased

  • Free of charge software updates within the customer support period

  • Free program modification, in case this update, suggested by any customer, could be useful for other users,

  • Qualified salvation of all questions on program use during the customer support period

  • Customer support is realized in the written form – via the company’s website, or (in rare instances) customer support may be realized in person, if it is necessary so that the specialist should be present in person, as well as distantly via Skype and Teamviewer.

Any window producing company has got its own distinctive features; that is why flexibility and individual approach are the distinctive features of our post sale work. Company “Labrador IT” has developed the global system of deploying software and supporting customers due to the fundamental knowledge in window software demands.

Software implementation

The program will be given to the client together with the filled profile and drive gear bases, as well as ready imprint forms, for the particular company adopted additional nomenclature, logistics, etc., due to the free service “Setting before implementation”.

You should fill in the form, located on our website, fully and accurately to get the software, maximally adopted for you.

If a program is starting its activity or does not use this service, the free profile and drive gear bases will be downloaded in any case. All profile and drive gear systems, which we suggest, are set in accordance with the technical demands of producers, and are also base on the experience of real window producing firms.

As soon as you install the program, it is ready to be used.

First of all you should enter your prices in the program, so that it should work correctly.

The full “User manual” is attached, which makes it easy to understand all the program settings.

Software support

In case you have questions, our programmers are ready to answer them as soon as possible via the customer support service, located on our website (Customer support is available for clients only during the period, discusses in the customer support contract). If a company has installed the software “Labrador 3D”, its workers will have access to the support section, where they can ask their questions on program work, attach files, etc. You will get answers for the typical questions within an hour; you will get answers for more complicated question within a day.

Customer support does not mean help in program use only, but also free program month updates.

The service of customer support is free of charge during three month period; we consider this time to be enough to fully understand the program “Labrador 3D”. If a customer always wants to get updates and have access to our programmers, he can extend a treaty.

You can check the customer support price list on tab “Prices”.

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