Software versions

Window and Door Software “Labrador 3D” takes interests of all window construction producers into consideration. As there are peculiarities to produce translucent constructions from PVC, aluminum, and timber, different software versions have been worked out depending on the type of material, which is used in manufacture. Every version was worked out together with the enterprise – producer of PVC, aluminum and timber translucent constructions. It allowed realizing specific features of every manufacture in the software.


PVC 3D version is the optimal complex device for the translucent construction producer to achieve effective work in producing constructions of any type of PVC profile. Customers will be provided with profile and drive gear systems free of charge. window and door software allows using simultaneously several profile and drive gear systems. 3D Builder has got quite easy interface. It considers geometrical features of building windows of different shapes – round, round-headed, triangle. As any other version of “Labrador 3D”, PVC 3D version suggests the whole list of functions of any window program: modern builder, any report documents, optimization, warehouse, as well as additional options – economy analytics, paperless manufacture.

Timber 3D

Timber 3D version was highly appreciated by many manufacturers of wooden windows. It considers the features, peculiar for the work with timber profile – price for timber, builder peculiarities, etc. The fenestration software is intended to maximally atomize the work of complicated wooden manufacture. It allows complex analyzing the commercial activity of companies, keeping the warehouse, organizing paperless manufacture, using the great number of report documents, and many other things are also a part of the function set of “Labrador 3D”. Both the versions are intended to be implemented in enterprises, specializing in aluminum manufacturing.

Aluminum 3D facades

Aluminum 3D facades version has a wider set of builder functions, necessary to draw façade constructions. One more feature of this version is the work of warehouse, where it is possible now to reserve materials for separate objects. In general, like other versions, this one suggests a set of operations to atomize the work of companies. It simplifies the working process for managers, accountants, warehousemen, logisticians, as well as it reduces possibility of errors, occurring as the result of human factor. It does save money and earns profit.

Labrador 3D. Window dealer
Labrador 3D.Window dealer is a new product, highly recommended for dealers. It works with PVC/Vinyl, Timber/Wood, Aluminum. (more information here)

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