Collaboration invitation.

We are looking for partners to develop our business in sub-regions of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the whole Europe as well; the partner being independent seller (m/f) of the innovative and untraditional software product Labrador 3D for window production.


This offer is for self-confident people, ready and willing to earn money!

Ours is the best software in window producing area!

Our conditions are the best partnership conditions!

Our team is the best one to support partners!

Our clients are the best ones!

But we do not have enough customers!


We do want to change this situation with YOUR Help! This is the great opportunity to earn money. (You’ll have 40-60% of the final sale price, depending on the sales volume).

No matter if you are a natural or juridical person. It is important for us, if you are highly experienced in selling business windows or software.

If you are a talented seller, are not afraid of people and are able to introduce yourself properly, we are ready to talk to you. We determine a wide field of offers for motivated trade representatives. Today we have the English and German versions of the software, but any other foreign language can be ready within 2 hours (of course in case of natural speaker availability).

Mail us and send the interesting information concerning yourself to:

 No telephone calls!


We do not wish to write much here........

You can find our product  below


We are a part of Labrador Holding, including: window production on a commercial scale, profile and drive gear warehouses, equipment to automated processing (robots), our own software to manage the company as well as the companies, occupied in developing information protection; this all is controlled by the workers, who stay with us for many years! Labrador Soft  GmbH was developed in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2010 and it deals with development, adaptation, implementation, and support of software to automate window production “Labrador 3D” and “Window dealer”. The firm employs experts - professionals of the highest level, experienced in window business.


Let’s have a talk!

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