Software features

Window and door manufacturing software “Labrador 3D” is a qualitative device for the activity of the whole enterprise, engaged in producing window, door and front constructions.

Window and door software “Labrador 3d” allows 1) to lead the whole process of manufacturing within the single program - from preliminary calculating of the window constructions and forming the order till the computerized writing materials off from the store-house as well as 2) carrying out the complete analysis of the industrial and financial activities.

Main features of the program:

  • Unlimited amount of the profile and furnishing systems.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • Forming orders of any complexity, of any quantity of items, additional nomenclature and services.
  • Building any type of items (windows, doors, sliding constructions, fronts, etc) having any geometry of the frame outline.
  • Computerized forming of all necessary documents for the Customer (commercial offer, order specification, contract, etc).
  • Forming all the technical documents of the order.
  • Control of the mutual settlements of accounts with the Customers.
  • Control of the order phase in the process of producing.
  • Line and junction optimization of sawing.
  • Full control over the financial state of the company.
  • Possibility to create the system of “paperless” production with the use of scanners of bar codes and monitors at different sections of production.
Window enterprise that has no complex window and door manufacturing software becomes uncompetitive in the conditions of the financial crisis. Without understanding the financial situation it’s difficult to make cardinal decisions; reduction of the personnel, changing advertising policy and providers of materials, etc.
The product we suggest will help to serve most of these questions. Our fenestration software doesn’t need implementing, as You can start using it almost at once after it has been installed, and modules of warehouse accounting and paperless production are included in the price of the program and the user needs only the desire to start working with them.

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