Labrador Soft Ltd. is a part of Labrador concern, which is the large fenestration production, profile and drive gear stock, software development and protection company as well as controller engineering. Labrador Soft GmbH was established in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2010 to sell popular in Russia fenestration software Labrador 3D.

Labrador IT Ltd. is the original software „Labrador 3D“ and „Labrador window dealer“ developer.

Company "Labrador IT" was founded in 2007. Nowadays "Labrador IT" is a part of the concern "Labrador". The main direction of activity of the concern Labrador is manufacture in the sphere of translucent constructions. The concern includes enterprises, carrying out production and rendering services for industrial and social use. The activity of the concern "Labrador" is specialized in the following directions: Production Association "Labrador" - producing of translucent constructions, installation, sale of aluminum and reinforced-plastic translucent constructions.

Company "Labrador IT" - engineering and implementation of industrial solution "Labrador. Calculating of translucent constructions" for enterprises and their dealers, engaged in producing window, door, stained-glass and front constructions of reinforced-plastic, wood, aluminum.
Company "Sklad-SPB" - storage and sale of window furnishing "Saturn" and "Maco" in the north-west of Russia.
Company "Astroma" - software engineering for computerized systems, data and software security.
Company Labrador Soft – european representative and seller.
Company "VSTEC" - producing automatic cutting and machining centers for PVC and aluminum, and other  cutting and production lines. (

Common efforts of these companies allow the concern to carry out independent autonomous activity over projects, the biggest one being software "Labrador 3D" in the sphere of translucent constructions.

The main aim of activity of the companies "Labrador IT" and "Labrador Soft" is the constant development and improvement of the existing software "Labrador 3D".
The initial task for the company's workers was writing the software for the production association "Labrador".
Knowing the processes of the window manufacture work, constant connection with the technical personnel of the window company, possibility of phasing implementation of the software at the real production, accounting and solving problems in real time are nowadays guarantee of success of our window and door software.

Since 2007 Company "Labrador IT" constantly takes part in industrial exhibition events both of federal and international level: BalticBuild, MosBuild, FensterBauFrontale. In 2012 you will also meet us in Fensterbau Frontale in Nürnberg.
Labrador Soft considers exhibition events to be the most promising opportunity to make acquaintances with the future clients, and also to deal with partners and competitors.
Updates of the window software, appearance of new versions and means are always timed by the exhibitions. Thus, in 2009 the program realized within the graphical solution of 3D was introduced at the main build exhibition of Russia "MosBuild".
A lot of companies-producers of translucent constructions on the territory of Russian Federation trust the automation of their business with "Labrador 3D" .

Our main aim is the creation of united computerized space in the sphere of translucent constructions. This space should be characterized by the simplicity and preciseness of the transferred information both within the company itself, and with the dealers and providers of the raw material, by transparency of the company's personnel activity, opportunity of the immediate analysis and accountancy, minimization of mistakes, connected with the human factor.

The window and door software permits to computerize not only the process of producing windows, but also the store-house and supply, what is the main advantage.

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